Developer Learn How to Prevent Burnout

Image from unsplash by @kellysikkema

I am a developer who likes coding to solve problems, but when i enjoy doing work in front of my laptop and busy with tasks that must be done, left me no time to make personal improvements. During the day, i struggling with coding, if you are pressed for deadlines, you have to work at night to achieve this, sometimes it is missed or even invisible to anyone that work at late night. It is really complicated, it is demanded to work quickly, ensure quality, and workload that seems endless. Everyone hopes you can do everything even though it’s impossible to do.

Even though I am not paid based on the hour, we are able to make the best use of our time or in other words remain productive, the importance of personal improvement and taking the time to study and research how business and features continue to work together. From the past few years I have gained insights, but of course these insights are sometimes very difficult to do, it’s easy to write but hard to make it consistent. Here are a few things to stay productive.

Say No,

Don’t forget yourself.

A professional must be able to share time with family and work. But not many of them choose work before family, depending on your decision, I’m sure professionals will be able to make the best decisions but not the best for both. Don’t forget yourself, love yourself, we don’t rely on others to understand us, only ourselves who understand us. Love your self, take 15 minutes to do what you think you like, read books, watch movies, play games, for 15 minutes.

Work Consolidation

For example, if we take 3 features with different requirements, each requirement requires 8 hours per week, then you should at least reduce it to 4 or 3 to make it work properly and effectively. At least finish one thing first instead of taking a lot and then you overload and tire yourself, not only yourself but the people involved in it will also be affected.

Prioritize your work

If there is an important urgency you have to allocate only half a day or how long you can do the urgency thing, if more than that you must have an allocation of spare time to do what you previously prioritized.

Continue to improve, learn from mistakes

When you are in a stuck or experience it with long time and then you think this will be finished soon or even definitely finished tomorrow, meaning you should try to stop for a moment and try to reflect on the problem in a larger scope and analyze them one by one, while we are stuck we will focus on the problem not on the solution to these problems and our minds are in a hurry so we do not think calmly.

If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution. _ Albert Einstein_

Life Balance

Tools for productivity

  1. Task management (,, TaskAde)
  2. Personal Kanban (Trello)
  3. Check list (Todoist, Notion, Evernote)
  4. Issue tracker (Youtrack, Linear)
  5. Personal Board (Miro, Milanote)
  6. Flow (Overflow)
  7. Time Tracker (Code Time, Wakatime)
  8. Document Collaboration (Google Doc, Tetra)
  9. File Hosting (Google Drive, BlackHole)
  10. Team Chat (Slack, Twist, Telegram)

I don’t use all of the tools above, I only provide alternatives if one of them is not right or not as needed, especially tools for checking lists, this one tool is prone to be abandoned and causes inconsistency, just try it the first time we download then after few week we forgot that we ever downloaded it, to prevent that from happening try reading the following article.


The most important thing is when you feel the burnout is you have to stop first and leave for a moment. Worse, if we are unable to anticipate it we will be really uncomfortable and decide to leave our work. With the signs that we are in burnout, we can prevent it before it happens and be able to increase our energy to more effective things and of course work more comfortably.

Android Developer and Learner.