Today I wanna start with dagger hilt, Dagger Hilt is a dependencies injection same as Dagger, but it more specialize for Android development, this is not a new thing that dagger in Android, we already knew that Dagger has integration also in Android but the implementation is same with general…

SOLID foundation manifesto, each class must only have one responsibility.

Single-responsibilty Principle
Open-closed Principle
Liskov Substiotion Principle
Interface Segregation Principle
Dependency inversion Principle

SOLID principle will help you to improve readability, somehow we face some difficulties when code review or read existing code that people wrote, even you got bugfix…

Siang ini saya mendapatkan link Twitter, karena menarik, saya kemudian membaca thread sampai selesai, hal yang menyedot perhatian saya adalah topik yang dijelaskan oleh thread starter, bahasan yang diangkat adalah tentang perusahaan besar yang sudah mendunia, penjelasan tersebut meliputi latar belakang bagaimana perusahan tersebut meraih valuasi sebesar 247 Million US…

Different Capabilities

Maybe some developer will excited about the ViewModel when it can save the state, and someone will thinking to replace SaveInstanceState into ViewModel. After that you implement that you will get some mistake.

ViewModel will only preserve data onConfigurationChange and when activity/fragment still processed and not get killed. So when…

This is my article that i wrote in Oct 2019.

Fragment Factory help you create Constructor

Developer right now cannot add constructore in fragment, this advise come from officially google, when we still create constructore our IDE lint will show warning that suggest us to remove it. Constructor contain argument that will be execute in our…

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